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Sunil Verma
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Sunil Verma is a renowned and experienced astrologer qualified from the Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi, providing expert astrological services continuously from 12 years. A Delhi-NCR based astrologer, I have studied and done research in many branches of Astrology under the able guidance of world renowned astrologers and endowed with intuition power, I provide predictions through Vedic astrology, Gemini, KP, Nadi Astrology, Vaastu Consultancy with modern outlook. I suggest effective and easy to do remedies through Rudraksha therapy, Gemology and Vedic Mantra Shastra for the well-being of mankind. I express predictions in a lucid, scientific and logical way to the satisfaction of the clients. I have three highly valued qualifications such as Management Accountancy (ACMA), Company Secretary (ACS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from XLRI, I can decipher the astrological charts logically and scientifically due to my broader approach and capability to analyze the charts. I am a corporate finance professional who worked with a number of multinational companies in a top notch position and then turnedas an astrologer due to my destiny and wish of the almighty towards divine science of astrology. I am well known for providing accurate predictions, complete futurology and effective remedies. I have expertise and mastery over predictions related to all aspects of life. I visualize astrology as a great and a divine science gifted to mankind from almighty which should be used ethically to solve the problems and living a joyful living of the human race. I believe that a native may face problems due to past or present life wrong doings, Vaastu defects in house or dwelling which can be corrected by remedies to obtain desired results.As an astrologer, I have been praised at different forums for helping the human race and society through astrology. I provide solutions for Health, Finance, Education, Business, Career/Profession/Job, foreign settlements, Love Life, Marriage and compatibility, Children, Parents, Diseases, litigation, Home and office Vaastu, birth time rectification, spirituality, Prashana, root cause analysis and solutions for the problems including complete horoscope. I opted this field because of my immense passion and interest in astrology guided by the almighty and destiny. I believe that astrological science and Vaastu have the power to accomplish the materialistic and spiritual needs of mankind.

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