Aquarius the eleventh sign of the Kaal Purush chart (Natural Zodiac Wheel). It is the second sign that is ruled by Saturn.

Let’s read what does the classical text says about it first.

BPHS: The sign Aquarius is represented by a male holding a pot. It is brown in complexion with a medium sized body. It’s a biped sign, which is strong in the day time. It resides in the deep water. It has an airy element and is of Tamoguni qualities. It rises with its head, and is of Shudra (low born) varna. It rules over the Western direction, and is ruled by Saturn. (Ch 4, Shloka 21-21 1/2).

Complete Description: Aquarius is the third airy sign of the zodiac. It covers the 300° to 330° path of the celestial longitude of 360°. It is the second sign after Capricorn, that is ruled over by Saturn. No planet gets exalted in this sign. However, it is the Mooltrikona sign for Saturn itself, starting from 0° to 20°. It is represented by a Man holding a pot. It’s a fixed sign, having Male qualities, and also represents the West direction. It is of Mix (inclusive of all the three Kapha, Vayu, and Pitta) temperament. Its Varan (Caste) is Shudra (low born). It’s a Diurnal sign, which is strong in the daytime. Its abode is in deep water. It also signifies the place of liquor manufacturing, where water has dried up, where birds live, where pots are kept, etc.

Characteristics of Aquarius: The people having Aquarius Ascendant or Moon sign are highly skilled having revolutionary ideas. They possess strong desires of achieving everything and have firm views about every subject they tend to discuss. They are serious in nature, but soft at heart. They meet new people with open arms and praise their qualities on the face, but at the back, they become their worst critic. In general, they are well-wishers of all and doesn’t judge people based on their castes and creed. However, their high desires make them jealous of others, and greedy for materialistic things including money. They try and look for benefits in everything they do. They are good at resolving disputes with logical and diplomatic reasonings. When it comes to secrecy, even their close friends cannot guess what their real plans are in life, what their thoughts are, and what their action would be. They like to do things in an untraditional way.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama

Positive Traits of Aquarius






Negative Traits of Aquarius

Very Secretive





Lucky Factors

Numbers: 3, 7, 2
Colors: Light Blue & Violet
Days: Saturday and Friday
Gemstone: Diamond & Blue Sapphire
Auspicious Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn

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