Numerology, as its name suggests, is an occult science of numbers. Through Numerology, a person can get a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, seek their purpose in current incarnation, how and what karmic debt they carry as well as get information about their chemistry with other people. By knowing the five core numbers consisting of a person’s life path number, destiny number, soul number, personality number, and maturity number, and choosing the appropriate direction in life suggested by the energies of such numbers, one can live in harmony with the nature.

When someone hears the word ‘Numerology’ for the very first time, he / she usually questions if this pseudo-science actually make sense? However, upon learning about how energies associated with each number affects their day-to-day lives, their perception regarding Numerology starts changing. Everything (living / non-living) in this universe has been created with a purpose and has its own energy. Like Sun’s rays or even wind is full of energy, a number, according to numerology, emits energy and produces individual vibrations.

To understand the science of Numerology, you should try and think of your own name as an energetic force field that carries information such as your family heritage, the lessons you learn in your consciousness, destiny (witnessed in the past as well as expected in future), personality traits developed since your childhood, and the vibrations produced by your soul.

Till date, in your current life you might have met at least one person whose name just did not ‘click’ with you. Or you might have met people who did not like their name and believed that it is not in tandem with their character at all. That is because their names are not in harmony with their soul and destiny. Similarly, the key numbers such as one’s house number, car number, telephone number or even the bank account number (and the resulting vibration) affects one’s lives as it is either in harmony or not in harmony with their soul and destiny. It is therefore quite important for us to find harmony between our names or our relationships with our own number.

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“Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics, and more were all at one time deep occult secrets. Today, many of these things are taught to children before they begin school. THE OCCULTISM OF THE PAST BECOMES THE SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE.”

– Donald Michael Kraig

Numbers 1 Through 9 Signifies

l. Beginning
2 . Connecting
3 . Creating
4. Building
5. Changing
6. Nurturing
7 . Re-evaluating
8 . Expanding
9. Completing

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