Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of Architecture, which defines the principles of land, measurement, design, construction, and space arrangement. It enables the human beings to live in harmony with nature.

The principles of Vastu Shastra are used for the construction of both the residential and commercial space. It also helps in setting up a city or a town in a well-planned manner which ensures wealth, prosperity and peace.

In general 4 cardinal and 4 ordinal directions are used, but in Vastu Shastra, the focus lies on 10 directions, which includes the four cardinal directions, four ordinal directions, and one upward direction (toward sky) and one downward direction (toward earth) and 16 zones, which are listed below;

Cardinal Directions;

North, East, South, and West

Ordinal Directions

Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest

16 Zones

North, North of Northeast, Northeast, East of Northeast, East, East of Southeast, Southeast, South of Southeast, South, South of Southwest, Southwest, West of Southwest, West, West of Northwest, Northwest, and North of Northwest.

Whenever there is an imbalance (vastu dosha) in any of the above given direction or zones in a house, it can cause unnecessary obstruction in life, affects health, create disputes with neighbors or within the residing members. Similarly, Vastu dosha at office or commercial complex can affect the business and employees. Hence it is necessary to create a vastu friendly home and office.

If there are vastu doshas at any site be it commercial or residential, remedial measures should be adopted to mitigate the vastu dosha without demolishing any part of the existing building.

Additionally, vastu shastra also prescribes methods to judge the auspiciousness of the land, where a home or office is to be constructed, or farming is to be done. Therefore, people who are looking to buy a new land for any such purpose or even for investment purposes, it is better to consult a Vastu Shastri prior to making any payment.

At Astroshala, you can order a Vastu Report for your home or office. This service can be utilized by an individual for making his/her home or office vastu friendly, and also by real estate builders who are into residential and commercial space selling. For properties/land exceeding an area of 250 square yards, please contact us before ordering.



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