Blue Sapphire - Neelam

The Blue Sapphire, is one of the most sought after gemstones. As per Hindu Astrology, it signifies the biggest planet of the solar system, i.e., Saturn. It is also known as Neelam, Neelratna, and Shaniratna (‘Shani’ is a Hindi word for Saturn, and ‘Ratna’ means Gemstone). Based on the auspicious position of Saturn in the birth horoscope (Rashi Chart), the blue sapphire can be worn. Furthermore, if one is running under the Mahadasha (Major Period) of Saturn, then also it can be worn. Other than that it can also be used to fight certain diseases, but strictly under the supervision of an expert in gem therapy. is like a judge and always is upright and righteous.

The Blue Sapphire is said to eliminate poverty and add wealth to its wearer. It widens the horizon of the wearers’ influence over others. Wearing it can significantly improve the health of the individual, and add more years to the life. Desires such as dealing with masses at large and hold them together with a spell-chanting speech or work, high social status, and all around prosperity can be achieved with this eye-catching precious gemstone.

For people involved or who aspire to be involved in Administration Services, Foreign Bureaucracy, Lawyers, Judges, Contracting Business, and PWD, the Blue Sapphire is a perfect fit (Consultation with an Astrologer is must).

As Saturn controls most of the diseases in the body, a Blue Sapphire can help in dealing with majority of them, and bless the wearer with a long and healthy life. In general, it can increase the retention power, reduce the body fat, balance the intestinal tract, pancreas, and lower spinal column.

It is said that Blue Sapphire is one such gemstone which can show its results, be it positive or negative, straightaway to its wearer. Hence, one should wear it with caution and only and only under the supervision of an expert astrologer.


GemstoneBlue Sapphire
Ruling PlanetSaturn
Zodiac SignCapricorn and Aquarius
Origin of Finest QualityCeylon, Srilanka
Minimum Recommended Weight3.25 - 4.25 Ratti
Wearing InstructionStudded in Gold / Silver / Panch Dhatu, and to be worn in Middle Finger
Mantra for Energizing the Yellow SapphireOm Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaisharaya Namah

Instructions for Wearing Blue Sapphire or Neelam:

  • Saturday should be chosen for wearing Blue Sapphire. If time permits, Shukla Paksha (Brighter Half of Moon) is ideal.
  • Wash the gemstone with unboiled cow milk, honey, and also gangajal, if available.
  • Place the gemstone in front of your Isht Devta or the God you have faith upon.
  • Ignite the Dhoopam and Deepam, and offer flowers.
  • Chant the Shani (Saturn) mantra given above (mantra must be chanted at least 108 times), and ask for blessings and fulfillment of desires you have for wearing the gemstone.
  • Wear it in the middle finger, or as prescribed by your astrologer.
  • Time of wearing, ask for Muhurta from your astrologer.

Weight Reference: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat, and 1 Ratti = 0.122 Gram.


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