Jupiter Transit in Aquarius 2021: The 11th House of the Natural Zodiac or Kaal Purush Kundli and What It Means For You

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius November 2021

Jupiter transit in Aquarius will take place on 20 November 2021. It’s one of the most awaited transits of the year 2021. As per Indian Standard Time (IST), this transit will take place just half an hour before midnight on 20 November 2021 at 23:30:28 hours in Delhi, India. With this transit, Jupiter will come out of its sign of debilitation i.e. the Capricorn. Jupiter will now move to the Aquarius sign, which is the 11th sign of the zodiac. The Aquarius sign also occupies the 11th house of the natural zodiac or Kaal Purush Kundli. Jupiter will remain in the sign of Aquarius until 15:50 hours of 13 April 2022. Then Jupiter transit in Pisces will take place. Besides, with any transit of planet(s) both the positives and negatives come together.

However, it’s only a well-versed astrologer who can tell if a particular transit is going to be a favorable one for a given individual or not. That’s because it’s not just the transit that matters while making a prediction(s) for any individual. Instead, there are a lot of other factors that play a significant role which include, but are not limited to, the promise of events along with the Mahadasha and Antardasha, and which house of the birth chart (birth horoscope) is ruled by the transiting planet(s). Nevertheless, we at Astroshala.com strive to bring you the most accurate astrological analysis and predictions based on our years of experience and continuous research.

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Will This Jupiter Transit Bring in Good News or Bad News?

Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius on 20 November 2021 will surely bring a lot of new things for the masses as well as for you. As the world is witnessing a new wave of coronavirus raging across the United States of America, Europe, Russia, and China, there’s a lot of speculation going on. So, let’s not wait any longer, instead just read below to see what Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius on 20 November 2021 unveils for the world and you as an individual.

Significance of Hindu Astrology and Jupiter

In Hindu Astrology, Jupiter is termed to be the most benign and auspicious planet. It has an extremely significant role to play in our lives not just for all auspicious events but also to safeguard us from miseries or sorrows. Jupiter holds the portfolio of a Minister in the planetary kingdom. It signifies 16 kinds of wealth, which are education, knowledge, longevity, capacity, youth, courage, pride, gold, possessions/assets, fame, land, children, good health, perseverance, good surroundings (family/relatives), and victory. Other than that it also represents religion, philosophy, and all-around prosperity.

In general, Jupiter transit plays a significant role in auspicious events in human lives such as marriage and childbirth. On the Mundane level, Jupiter represents banks, finance and revenues, capitalism and businesses, judiciary, attorneys, loans, lotteries, foreign trade, and foreign affairs, long travel, charitable institutions, arbitration, shipping, teachings, diplomats, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, even the time and year of Kumbh Mela is also dependent upon Jupiter’s transit in some specific signs.

Now coming back to Jupiter Transit in Aquarius sign. The zodiac sign Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of masses, service, and karma. The Aquarius sign falls in the 11th House of the Natural Zodiac or Kalpurush or Kaalpurush Kundli. It is an airy, odd, fixed, male, and shirshodaya sign, where nakshatras of Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter fall. The 11th house of the natural zodiac represents gains, income, friends, profits, paternal property, elder siblings, awards, spouse of children, family status, destruction of enemies, paternal uncle and aunts, short journeys of father, and health improvement. The Aquarius sign signifies intellect, and it also happens to be the mooltrikona sign of Saturn.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Aries Sign

Jupiter transit in Aquarius will prove to be highly beneficial for people having Aries ascendant in their birth horoscope. However, for Aries Moon sign persons, this Jupiter transit will give auspicious results of up to 75%. In general, for Aries ruled individuals either by Lagna rising or moon sign, it would be a pretty good time to make new investments which could easily lead to major gains. This could prove to be the right time to give shape to your creative ideas, strategies, and solutions to improve your earnings.

It’s a perfect time for networking to expand your professional and social circle. Your friend circle will acknowledge and appreciate your advice or suggestions (if any) while enjoying your company the most. If you’re unmarried and searching for a suitable partner, your marriage might take place very soon. However, if you are married and planning your family, Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius will be fruitful for you. In professional life, you might get a new job offer (if you are searching for a job) or get promoted in your current organization itself.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Taurus Sign

Jupiter’s entry to Aquarius for people born with Taurus ascendant will mostly bring favorable results but with some worries. However, for individuals born with the Taurus Moon sign, this transit will prove to be highly fortunate. Your focus area would be your professional life. For career growth and opportunity, it’s an excellent time where you’ll be able to overcome all your obstacles or hurdles at ease. Sudden promotion at your existing workplace or a job offer that you were aspiring to get for a long time might astonish you. If you are associated with government jobs or companies, enormous gains are waiting for you to capitalize on.

However, on the personal front, if your love life may suffer, or if you have children they could be a cause of concern for you. Your children may find difficulties that might restrict their current growth. You are advised to keep an eye on your immovable assets as there could be sudden expenses related to that waiting to unfold. Moreover, your desire to buy a new property, or to move to a new home, or buy a new vehicle, or accumulate more gold will be fulfilled.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Gemini Sign

For people born with Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 will give favorable results. However, for Gemini Moon sign ruled people, this transit will be able to give on auspicious results up to 25% only. Here, for people planning to get married, Jupiter transit in Aquarius is going to be beneficial. Moreover, if you are planning a family, it is the right time for you. New career opportunities may come all of a sudden. A short journey to a pilgrimage will be on the cards. If you are a spiritual person, this would prove to be a highly auspicious time for your spiritual growth, and you might end up meeting your Guru if you are looking for one. For those who are entangled in legal battles, a long-pending decision will come very soon.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Cancer Sign

For all those born with Cancer Ascendant in their birth chart, Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius will not be beneficial as per their anticipation. However, for Cancer Moon sign persons, it will be a highly favorable time. All their pending tasks will be completed with ease. Unexpected gains such as getting an inheritance or insurance money will be on the cards. You could witness a sudden urge to learn about occult science or get on to a spiritual journey. If you are into a research or history-oriented profession, this would be a remarkable time for you.

You might witness sudden obstacles in your professional life. Decisions on legal disputes (if any) may go against your expectations. Those who are in the trading business would be able to see the growth they have been waiting for for a long time. However, this transit may not prove to be beneficial for your health. You may get diagnosed with a disease. This might keep you under medication for a few weeks or months.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Leo Sign

Jupiter in Aquarius 2021 is going to bring a lot of good changes for individuals born with Leo Ascendant. However, for those who are born the Leo Moon sign, it will prove to be only 50% favorable. This transit might affect your mental strengths leading to unnecessary anxiety and stress. In terms of happiness or auspicious events in your life, Jupiter in Aquarius will be a wonderful time to tie the marital knot. For those who are planning a family, this transit will give you fruitful results.

In your professional journey, you will witness the upward growth trajectory that you’ve been waiting for. For married couples, though majorly the transit is going to be beneficial, however, you need to remain extremely cautious during situations of heated arguments or disputes. If you are planning to get into a new business partnership(s) please be a little careful. For professionals involved in legal, financial, and education consulting or advisory, it will be a great time.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Virgo Sign

People born with Virgo Ascendant in their natal horoscope will be getting mixed results from Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021. However, for those who have the Virgo Moon sign, this transit is going to give pleasant results with up to 75% fulfillment of their expectations. New disputes related to the property could arise unexpectedly. You should take new loans with caution. Else it might be difficult to pay back. Please take good care of your health. You might get diagnosed with diabetes. For those who are married, this could be a difficult time to meet your spouse’s expectations.

For those who have been searching for a job for a long time, the good news is just around the corner. Your wealth will increase. You might get involved with some charitable trusts or NGOs. Though there could be a surge in disputes in business, you’ll be able to get hold of them quite easily. You need to keep an eye on your rising expenditure, else it might just shoot through the roof. For those of you who would like to go abroad, it’s a promising time where a journey abroad is definitely on the cards.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Libra Sign

For people with Libra ascendant rising in their birth horoscope, Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius 2021 will bring much good news along with some minor disappointments. However, for people with the Libra Moon sign, this Jupiter transit won’t yield satisfactory results. Because this transit will only be showering only 25% of its beneficence on them. Women who are expecting childbirth should take all the necessary cautions suggested by their doctor. Those who are in love relationships may find it exhausting to deal with disputes.

Librans need to take dietary caution and keep their cholesterol levels in check. Besides, if someone is planning a family, it would be the right time. This transit would prove to be beneficial for children’s health and education. Those students who are aiming to take competitive exams will find it an excellent time when their efforts will yield good results. You will be rewarded for your hard work and contributions. For those who are in politics, or want to establish themselves in politics, it will be a rewarding time. A sudden inclination to kickstart a spiritual journey may arise.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Scorpio Sign

For people who have a Scorpio rising in their birth chart, Jupiter in Aquarius will bring in some major and positive changes. However, individuals born with the Scorpio Moon sign are going to get positive results only up to 50%. In your career, doors of new opportunities will open. An auspicious event such as house warming might take place, or there could be an addition of a new house or vehicle. There could also be an addition of a new family member. Your interest in occult or research-oriented subjects may increase.

Those who are involved in banking, advisory, teaching, politics, or creative jobs will witness a sharp rise. Fulfillment of their immediate goals is on the cards. Your promotion is definitely on the card. If your relationship with your mother hasn’t been good for the past few weeks or months, things will start to fall in the right place to normalize the situation. The tense environment at home will become happier. Your spouse will also witness a positive change of energy at the workplace resulting in a flourishing career. For your spouse, new growth and opportunities may come across.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Sagittarius Sign

There’s a Latin proverb “Fortune favors the brave”. Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius is going to bring in favorable results for persons born with Sagittarius ascendant only when they are going to make an effort. For people ruled by the Sagittarius Moon sign, it would be an excellent time to reap the fruits of their hard work. A short journey or transfer to a job is on the cards for you. It will be a favorable time to buy or add new commercial vehicles.

Estranged relationships with younger siblings will become normal. It would also be a good time to tie the knot (marriage). Your income will rise with an appreciation of your contribution to your workplace. If you are looking to change your job, this would be a good time to make an effort. Those in HR, Writing, and Communication-related jobs will see a new upwards growth trajectory in their career. You might go on some religious as well as adventure trips.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Capricorn Sign

Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 will bring auspicious results of up to 75% for people born with the Capricorn Moon sign. However, it would be a good time but with a lot of expenditure for all those who have a Capricorn ascendant in their birth chart. So be sure to file your taxes properly and check your expenditures now and then. There could be an addition of a new member in your family. Your bank balance will improve. You might also get an inheritance or insurance money. New growth-giving opportunities in the workplace are waiting to unfold.

Decisions on all your legal disputes might turn up in your favor. People who want to remarry should take advantage of this opportunity. In terms of health, those who are diabetic or have borderline diabetes need to be extremely vigilant. Due to the nature of your job/business, a journey abroad might also take place. Your existing connections will prove fruitful for whatever reason you might need to take their help.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Aquarius Sign

Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 for people born with Aquarius rising in their horoscope, would prove to be extremely beneficial. However, it will only be 25% beneficial to those who are born with the Aquarius Moon sign. Your focus will be more on your family, wealth generation, and reaping rewards for all your hard work. Doorways to new opportunities will open. Your children will be successful in their endeavors. Your estranged relationship with your father will now become cordial. Those who are considering starting a family will soon receive excellent news.

Guidance from your father, mentor, or spiritual guru will not only be uplifting but will also yield fruitful results. Your participation in religious or charitable activities will be more. For unmarried people who are searching for a suitable partner, the time has arrived to tie the knot. You’ll feel happy and content in whatever activities you’ll undertake. Those working in the judiciary, advisory, banking, and teaching will see the ball rolling in their favor.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Results of Jupiter in Aquarius on Pisces Sign

If you are born with Pisces ascendant in your birth chart, Jupiter in Aquarius will be favorable but it will not yield results as per your anticipation. For people born with the Pisces Moon sign, this Jupiter transit will bring in 50% auspiciousness with it. You might find disappointments in your career. However, you might have to travel to a foreign destination because of work as well as personal reasons. You would require to focus more on yourself. So, reorganize your thoughts to reflect upon your decisions in the past to grow and meet your goals.

For you, association with some sort of charitable trust or society is on the cards. You need to be careful about your health. Even slight carelessness might lead you to hospitalisation. Hence, it is necessary to take extreme caution. It is also better if you stay away from disputes as much as possible. Else legal battles are looming over your head. In terms of money, avoid taking loans unless it is extremely important. Also, avoid lending money to someone without keeping collateral or proper documentation.

Overall things will be better for all of us with Jupiter’s transit in the Aquarius sign. However, the current pandemic will remain effective in creating obstacles in our lives, so extreme caution needs to be taken. For India as a whole, this transit won’t bring in the desired growth. The current government may find it very hard to control inflation and bring in much-needed relief.

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