The Planet Sun In Astrology and Its Characteristics

The Planet Sun in Astrology and Its Characteristics

Sun, the planet that illuminates the world every day. It rises from the east, and sets in the west. Since the formation of this universe, it is the utmost source of light and energy that drives people. With this blog post, you will be able to understand the importance of the planet Sun in Astrology and its characteristics that you may have never known earlier. I am sure, you must have known a lot many things about the Sun. However, what it holds in the context of Astrology is a lot different. In our planetary system, the Sun is considered as the King, which illuminates the world. And it’s Moon that illuminates the world at night. However, in Hindu Astrology, the planet Sun is much more than just being the King of the planetary system. In general, you may have heard astrologers talking Sun signifying the Soul and the Father in a birth chart. But there’s still a lot more to it. The significations that Sun holds under its portfolio should be known to an Astrologer to analyze a horoscope in a profound way. With this blog post, you’ll be able to understand the Planet Sun in Astrology and its characteristics in a more better way.

In order to understand the planet Sun in Astrology and its characteristics, you first need to learn what our Great Sage Parashara said about Sun. As per the Sage Prashara, the Sun has a square body with beautiful honey colored eyes. He is pure, having the bilious (pitta) temperament. He is intelligent and wise, masculine, with limited or less hair on his head.

When we talk about the Natural Zodiac Wheel, that comprises of the 12 signs and houses, the Sun rules over the sign Leoand the “5th House”. In the weekdays, it rules over Sunday.

Detailed Description of Planet Sun in Astrology and Its Characteristics

The Sun is an extremely dry, masculine, hot and fiery planet. He has a square build, with a strong commanding and impressive voice. The Sun is of Royal Nature, with blood-red complexion and fiery red eyes. He has strong bones, bilious nature, adamant, good intelligence and lovely appearance. He is of Satvik nature and is the King of the planetary council.

The Karakatwas or Significations of Sun

In Hindu Astrology, it is a must for any practicing astrologer to be aware of the Karakatwas of each planet. The Sun is the karaka or the significator of, including but not limited to, The Soul, Power, Physical Strength, Courage, King, Head of the Government, Association with Royal People, Dominance, Worship of Shiva, Old Age, Affluent Status, Dryness, Sound Health, Agility, Focus, Thorny Trees, Activity in Public, Ornament, Stones, Heat, River Bank, Lord of the East, Summer Season, Royal Favor, Government Officials, Medicines, Physicians, Gold, Timber, Indignation, Hostility, Saffron, Self Realization, Splendor, Fire, Mental Purity, Long-term Anger.

The Diseases Represented by Sun

In Astrology, the Sun represents many diseases, which includes, but not limited to, Eye Disease, Epilepsy, Disease in the Head, High Fever, High Blood Pressure, Heat Disorders, and Headache.

Nakshatras Ruled by Sun

Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada

Mantra for Chanting

In order to get results from any of the 9 planets that the Hindu Astrology talks about, the easiest of the methods around is to chant their respective mantras. For appeasing Sun to get good results, or to pacify its negative results which could be because of its presence in its sign of debilitation (Libra), one should chant the mantra given below for at least 108 times early morning on a regular basis.

Sanskrit form:

|| ॐ  हराम  हरिम ह्रौं सह सूर्याय नमः ||

English form:

|| Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah ||

The Characteristics of Sun

Characteristics of Sun
NatureMalefic, Cruel
Places it SignifiesTemple, Forests, Capital Towns, Forts, Range of Mountains and Hills.
Zodiac SignLeo
Direction it RepresentsEast
Deep Exaltation Degree and Sign10° Aries
Mooltrikona Degrees with Sign0° to 20° Leo
Deep Debilitation Degree with Sign10° Libra
Natural FriendsMoon, Mars, and Jupiter
Natural EnemiesVenus and Saturn
Neutral withMercury
Aspects7th House from its placement in the chart
Vimshottari Dasha Period6 Years
Directional Strength10th House
Movement Per Day0°57' to 1° approx.
Body ConstituentBones
TasteBitter and Pungent
SenseEye Sight
ClothThick Cloth
Significations in
Soul, Heat, and Right Eye
Age50 Years
ElementFire, Dhatu
Number Associated with Sun in Numerology1 or One


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