The Planet Moon In Astrology and Its Characteristics

The Planet Moon In Astrology and Its Characteristics

The planet Moon has 16 different shades (Kalas), and two phases, which are the waxing (Brighter Half) and waning (Darker Half) phases. Moon plays a crucial role in one’s life as it represents the thought process, mentality, and mental inclination in life. With this blog post, you will be able to understand the importance of the planet Moon in Astrology holds, along with its characteristics. If you are an avid reader/learner of Hindu Astrology, it is highly possible that you might be aware of some of the characteristics I am sharing with you, but some will be new to you as well. In our planetary kingdom and also in Astrology, if Sun is the King, the Moon is considered as the Queen, which illuminates the world at night. Whereas, in Hindu Astrology, it is much more than just being the Queen of the planetary system. In general, if you have ever been to an astrologer for consultation, you may have heard him/her talking about Moon as the significator of the Mind and the Mother in a birth chart. But trust me, there’s still a lot more to it.

The significations that Moon primarily holds under its portfolio should be known to an Astrologer to analyze a horoscope in a profound way. Because, even our classics rule that a horoscope should be read/analyzed from the Natal Ascendant (Lagna), and the Moon Ascendant (keeping moon sign as Lagna) as well. With this blog post, you’ll be able to understand the Planet Moon in Astrology and its characteristics in an elaborative way that will help you in learning astrology a long way.

Before you go into the depth to understand the planet Moon in Astrology and its characteristics, you first need to learn what our Great Sage Parashara said about Moon. As per the Sage Prashara, the Moon has round body with auspicious looks. She has sweet speech and is learned. Extremely windy and phlegmatic are two of her traits. She is fickle-minded and very lustful.

In the Natural Zodiac Wheel, the Moon rules over the sign Cancer” and the “4th House”. In the weekdays, it rules over Monday.

Detailed Description of Planet Moon in Astrology and Its Characteristics

The Moon is a watery and airy planet. She has a beautiful round body and is very intuitive. Blessed with sweet speech, but she also has a fickle-mind, which reflects on her mood as ever changeable just like the 16 Kalas of Moon (Phases of Moon, which includes the Waxing and Waning period). She is extremely lustful. The Moon is of Royal Nature, bestowed with the beautiful pair of eyes, and white complexion. Her abode is in watery places, and she has a saline taste. She is intelligent and possesses lovely appearance. She is of Satvik gunas and is the Queen of the planetary council.

The Karakatwas or Significations of Moon

In Hindu Astrology, it is a must for any practicing astrologer to be aware of the Karakatwas of each planet. The Moon is the karaka or the significator of, including but not limited to, The Mind, Medicinal Herbs, Textiles, Chemicals, Liquids, Water, Milk, Beauty, Worship of Goddess Durga, Curd, Delicious Fruits, Fish and Other Aquatic Animals, Perfumes, Vain, Modesty, Shyness, Sugarcane, Business Involving Watery Products, Pearls, Rainy Season, Honey, Facial Lusture, Travel, Waistband, Silver, Traveling to Distant Countries, Silk Garment, Good Blood and Vital Energy, Nourishment, Belly, An Interval of 48 Minutes (Muhurta), Well, Tank, Sleep, Typhoid, Salt, Pond, Pleasure, Going to Fortress, Epilepsy, Clean Crystal, Shinning, Woman, etc.

The Diseases Represented by Moon

In Astrology, the Moon represents many diseases, which includes, but not limited to, Psychiatric Problems, Jaundice, Phlegmatic Disorders, Menstrual Disorders in women, Diseases of the Breast, and Flow of Milk, Emotional Disturbances, and Nervousness.

Nakshatras Ruled by Moon

Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana

Mantra for Chanting

Chanting Mantra is the easiest methods given in our shastras to get good results from each planet, or to lessen their malefic effects. For appeasing Moon to get good results, or to lessen its negative results, which could be because of various factors such as its presence in its sign of debilitation (Scorpio) or by its placement in either of the 3, 6, 8, 11, or 12 houses, one should chant the mantra given below for at least 108 times on a regular basis.

Sanskrit form:

|| ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः  ||

English form:

|| Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandray Namah ||


The Characteristics of Moon

Characteristics of Moon
NatureNatural Benefic
Places it SignifiesWatery Places
Zodiac SignCancer
Direction it RepresentsNorth-West
Deep Exaltation Degree and Sign03° Taurus
Mooltrikona Degrees with Sign4° to 20° Taurus
Deep Debilitation Degree with Sign03° Scorpio
Natural FriendsSun, Mercury
Natural EnemiesNone
Neutral withMars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn
Aspects7th House from its placement in the chart
Vimshottari Dasha Period10 Years
Directional Strength4th House
Movement Per Day13° to 15° approx.
MetalSilver, Bell Metal
Body ConstituentBlood
ClothNew & Unused Clothes
Significations in
Mind, Saliva, Left Eye, Chest, Breast, Lungs, Lymphatic System.
Age70 Years
ElementWater, Moola (Vegetation)
Number Associated with Moon in Numerology2 or Two

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