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Best Zodiac Signs: A Definitive Guide to All 12 Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Best Zodiac Signs Compatibility Moon Sign and Nakshatras Hindu Astrology - Aries Sign Compatibility, Taurus Sign Compatibility, Gemini Sign Compatibility, Cancer Sign Compatibility, Leo Sign Compatibility, Virgo Sign Compatibility, Libra Sign Compatibility, Scorpio Sign Compatibility, Sagittarius Sign Compatibility, Capricorn Sign Compatibility, Aquarius Sign Compatibility, Pisces Sign Compatibility

Astrology believers and followers are always curious to know which is the best zodiac sign among all 12 zodiac signs. However, there is always a never-ending debate around it. Because people belonging to any of the 12 zodiac signs claim theirs to be the best. In a certain way, they all are correct, as each […]

Nakshatra Gana or Gana Porutham: Its Significance and Remedies

Nakshatra Gana or Nakshatra Ganam or Gana Porutham in Vedic Astrology for Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matchmaking

Every individual born has a distinctive temperamental characteristic. In Hindu Astrology, Gana or Nakshatra Gana represents that temperamental trait. Many astrologers consider Nakshatra Gana, especially during horoscope matchmaking or Kundli Milan. In southern India, Nakshatra Gana is known as Gana Porutham. There are three types of Ganas – Deva (Gods), Manushya (Men), and Rakshasa (Demons), which correspond to Swarg Lok (Heaven), Prithvi or Mrityu Lok (Earth) […]