Nakshatra Gana or Gana Porutham: Its Significance and Remedies

Nakshatra Gana or Nakshatra Ganam or Gana Porutham in Vedic Astrology for Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matchmaking

Every individual born has a distinctive temperamental characteristic. In Hindu Astrology, Gana or Nakshatra Gana represents that temperamental trait. Many astrologers consider Nakshatra Gana, especially during horoscope matchmaking or Kundli Milan. In southern India, Nakshatra Gana is known as Gana Porutham. There are three types of Ganas – Deva (Gods), Manushya (Men), and Rakshasa (Demons), which correspond to Swarg Lok (Heaven), Prithvi or Mrityu Lok (Earth) and Patal Lok (Netherworld or Hell), respectively. As per Hindu scriptures, Swarg Lok is where the Gods live. As a result, the Devas are living in Swarg Lok. Prithvi or Mrityu Lok is where mortals (human beings) live. That is where we all (human beings) are inhabiting. Patal or Patal Lok is where Demons live.

Significance of Nakshatra Gana Milan in Vedic Astrology

In Hindu Astrology for Horoscope Matchmaking Compatibility or Kundli Milan, Gana Milan (Matching of Nakshatra Ganas) is one of the eight significant attributes (ashtakoot). It is crucial because out of 36 points, Gana Milan or Gana Porutham has 6 points. It is the third most important factor after Bhakoot Milan and Nadi Milan. Bhakoot and Nadi Milan get 7 and 8 points, respectively. In Vedic Astrology, there are remedial measures to balance Bhakoot Dosha and Nadi Dosha. Based on the three ganas – Deva, Manushya, and Rakshasa, Hindu astrology divides all 27 nakshatras into three equal groups of nine each. For easy understanding, they are listed below in a tabular format.

Nakshatra Gana or Gana Porutham Table

Deva GanaManushya GanaRakshasha Gana

What are the characteristics of Gana in Hindu or Vedic astrology?

Deva Gana

If a person is born in a nakshatra that signifies Deva Gana, their nature or personality would be soft, kind-hearted, and generous with a good temperament. They would be someone who would never speak ill of others. Hatred and jealousy is something they would never reflect in their behaviour as their motto is to love and care about everyone. They would be more inclined toward following traditional values and having firm faith in their culture. Such people always love to appreciate anyone with good qualities and moral values. They also try and avoid ugly situations such as unnecessary disputes and quarrels.

Manushya Gana

If someone is born in a nakshatra that signifies Manushya Gana, they will have a more human nature or personality as this gana gives mixed qualities. Sometimes these people may show a kinder side of their personality, and sometimes they may act cruelly. However, by and large, they are religious and creative. They also reflect an inclination to challenge orthodox traditions and customs of their society. They always appreciate kindness and generally have a good temperament. But as nothing is for granted, they can also adopt unorthodox means to get things done in their favour.

Rakshasa Gana

A person born in a nakshatra that signifies Rakshasa Gana will have a nature or personality that resembles the dark side of human behaviour. Stubbornness and going against the customs of their society can be reflected in such individuals behaviour. Such people tend to get into nasty arguments, pick fights over petty issues, and get angry very often. Their behaviour reflects the trait of an egoistic attitude. They are also self-centric rather than showing concern about others or people around them. In addition to this, people born with Rakshasa Gana possess highly intuitive powers. They are never afraid of the situation and can make good friends/partners. They always stand as strong support besides those who are close to them.

Important Note: Given above are general traits/characteristics of/for people born with different Nakshatra Ganas, and it does not necessarily mean that they are good or bad as a person. Hindu or Vedic Astrology is a vast ocean of knowledge. Therefore, just looking merely at the Gana Porutham or Nakshatra Gana qualities cannot do justice to any individual. Hence, it is always important to look for the horoscope(s) in its entirety, where PACE (Position, Aspect, Conjunction and Exchange) of planets plays a large and significant role.

Gana Matching for Marriage

In general, many astrologers avoid suggesting a match where the Nakshatra Ganas or Gana Porutham of the bride and the groom are different. However, this is not the right way to do so. Horoscope Matchmaking is dependent on many factors, and it is not just about the Nakshatra Gana compatibility. However, if you have questions regarding Gana compatibility, you should contact a well-versed astrologer. You can either consult an astrologer in your vicinity or, you can also contact and book a telephonic consultation. You can also place an order for your horoscope matchmaking report at

Knowing about Gana Porutham or Gana compatibility can help anyone understand the mutual love and respect between a couple. However, this is only one of the many parameters one should look for while matching horoscopes. During horoscope matchmaking or Kundli Milan, if a couple scores 0 points, it causes Gana Dosha. However, Nakshatra Shanti Puja can help counterbalance Gana Dosha.

For horoscope matchmaking or mutual compatibility analysis, Hindu or Vedic astrology states:

A union of bride and groom will be perfect if they both have the same ganas. That is because it signifies that their personality or nature is similar. As a result, they will have a cordial relationship (only in terms of gana compatibility).

Kundli Milan Gana Compatibility

  • An individual born with Deva Gana can marry a person belonging to Deva gana and Manushya Gana
  • A person born with Manushya Gana can marry a native belonging to either Deva Gana or Manushya Gana
  • A native-born with Rakshasa Gana can marry a person born with either Rakshasa Gana or Manushya Gana
Gana Matching Score Table
Bridegroom →
Bride ↓

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