Hindu New Year 2022: A Defining Moment for India and the World

India is a land of Knowledge and Culture. It leads the world to a path of sacred knowledge that connects an individual with God. Here the majority of the people practise Hinduism, which follows the core principles of the Vedas (Vedic Knowledge). And based on that Vedic Knowledge comes Hindu New Year. Though every year, the world celebrates the new year on the first day of January month, the Hindu new year commences from the Chaitra (Lunar Month), Shukla Paksha (Brighter half of the lunar cycle), Pratipada (first day). It not only marks the beginning of the new year, but as it relates to Vedic Astrology, it also tells us how the new year will be for the people. For instance, it tells us about the upcoming quality of crops and harvest, weather, wealth, the possibility of warfare, etcetera. This year, on April 2, 2022, the Hindu New Year 2022 will begin.

Hindu New Year: Vikram Samvat and Shaka Samvat

As India is so diverse, there is diversity among its festivals, rituals, and cultural practices. For instance, India has two calendar systems that people follow prominently. The first one is Vikram Samvat, and the other one is Shaka Samvat. Shaka Samvat is the official calendar used by the Government of India (GoI). The GoI used it to standardise calendars in India. As per Shaka Samvat, March 22 marks the beginning of its first day. However, Hindu Festivals and other rituals are celebrated based on Vikram Samvat. Vikram Samvat has been in use since the reign of the great Vikramaditya. The first day of Vikram Samvat is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, which marks the day of the coronation of King Vikramaditya. Currently, Vikram Samvat 2078 and Shaka Samvat 1943 are in effect. However, with the beginning of the Hindu New Year 2022, Vikram Samvat 2079 and Shaka Samvat 1944 will commence.

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Hindu New Year 2022

The Hindu New Year 2022 commences with the beginning of the Shukla Pratipada (the first day of the brighter half of the lunar cycle) during the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra. This year begins on Friday, April 1st, 2022, at 11:54:20 AM, Delhi. However, this year, the Shukla Pratipada tithi commences after sunrise on April 1st; therefore, the beginning of the Hindu New Year will be considered from April 2nd 2022, when at sunrise Shukla Pratipada tithi will remain in effect. 

The planetary day lord on the 2nd of April 2022 will become the King of the Year, based on which Astrologers can predict the outcome of the Hindu New Year 2022. However, to cast the horoscope of the Hindu New Year 2022, we will consider the following details:

Date: 1st of April 2022

Time: 11:54:20 AM

Place: Delhi (The Capital city of India).

Hindu New Year 2022 - Hindu Astrology Predictions
Horoscope of the Hindu New Year 2022

The horoscope of any Hindu New Year is known as “Nav Varsh Kundli” or the New Year Horoscope. A Hindu New Year horoscope, if analysed properly, can easily indicate the likely national trends and the year’s overall theme. It helps to identify possible major events, climatic conditions such as rainfall and drought, political and economic situations, and social welfare for the year in question. 

One can cast a Hindu New Year horoscope for any country to predict the year’s outcome in question regarding that particular country. For example, one can cast a Hindu New Year horoscope to predict results about the United Kingdom. But for that, one needs to know the timing of the commencement of Chaitra month Shukla Pratipada as per England Time (GMT). And the reference city will be London, the capital city of the United Kingdom.

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The uniqueness of the Hindu New Year Horoscope

In short, by analysing the Hindu New Year horoscope, we can identify the possible significant events and trends for the year in consideration. Other than that, there are a few other important factors for consideration, such as:

  1. Sun’s transit through all 12 zodiac signs helps identify the monthly outcome. It also helps in allocating different portfolios to the planets for the year.
  2. The number of Eclipses during the year triggers weather disruptions, famine, major unrest, and natural calamities such as earthquakes, bushfires, and tsunamis.
  3. Major planetary transits might take place during that year.
  4. The birth horoscopes of the countries and their respective heads also help to know the impact on their population.

For instance, to decipher the results of Hindu Nav Varsh Kundli for America, we need to check the horoscopes of America and its incumbent President. The country’s birth horoscope refers to when the country in question officially came into existence. For instance, the Republic of India came into existence on 15 August 1947 at 00:01 hours.

The Planetary Cabinet and Portfolios

The first day of the Hindu New Year determines the Samvatsar and the Planetary King for that particular year. The planetary King plays an essential role in defining the year. Besides, as stated earlier, the transit of the Sun through all 12 signs determines the entire planetary cabinet for the year, in which different planets take up the role of ministers ruling over ten portfolios. These portfolios include finance, defence/army, agriculture (summer crops and winter crops), mining, weather, and foreign affairs.

Planetary Cabinet for the year 2022

The King of the year is a planet that rules over the first day of the Hindu New Year. In 2022, the King of the year is Saturn because it is Saturday, the 2nd of April 2022. So the Hindu New Year 2022 will be controlled by Saturn.

The entire planetary cabinet for the year is as below:

– King: Saturn

– Minister: Jupiter (Known as Mantri). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Aries Sign.

– Lord of the Clouds: Mercury (Known as Maighesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra.

– Lord of the Paddy Crops (Summer Crops): Saturn (Known as Sasyesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Cancer Sign. 

– Lord of the Army/Defence: Mercury (Known as Durgesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Leo Sign.

– Lord of Treasure: Saturn (Known as Dhanesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Virgo Sign. 

– Lord of Fluids: Moon (Known as Rasesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Libra Sign.

– Lord of Corns (Winter Crops): Venus (Known as Dhanyesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Sagittarius Sign.

– Lord of Mining (Metals and Minerals): Saturn (Known as Neershesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Capricorn Sign.

– Lord of Fruits and Vegetation: Mars (Known as Phalesh). It is determined by the day lord when Sun enters the Pisces Sign.

How to Interpret Results of the Planetary Cabinet

Whenever the Cabinet planets come under malefic influence, the things that fall under its portfolio will suffer. For instance, if Saturn comes under affliction during any month of the year, it will affect the overall economic conditions of the country. Similarly, you can decipher results for other planets.

Hindu New Year 2022 Horoscope and Planetary Cabinet’s Effect on India

Hindu New Year 2022 - Hindu Astrology Predictions
Horoscope of the Hindu New Year 2022 for India

India Predictions 2022

The Lagna (1st) and the 2nd Houses

At the time of the beginning of the Hindu New Year 2022, the Gemini Ascendant is rising at 20 degrees 38 minutes in Aries Navamsha. Lagna Lord Mercury is in the 10th House in debilitation, i.e., the Pisces Sign. There, it is conjunct with the Sun and the Moon. Furthermore, it is also aspected by the Saturn place in the Capricorn Sign in the 8th House. The Lagna has only 25 Ashtakvarga points indicating weak Lagna. 

The only reprieve here is that the Ascendant is aspected by the most benevolent planet, i.e., Jupiter. It indicates that India will be under immense pressure because of its political decisions. The citizens of India will be in a bleak situation, losing faith in the Government. However, as time progresses, things will again become somewhat better. 

The ruling lord of the second house, i.e., Moon, is under affliction by Saturn. The second house is also being aspected by Saturn and Mars. Therefore, the Indian economy will not be growing as projected by the Government of India while presenting the budget for the Financial Year 2022-23. Some new bank-related scams may come into the limelight, negatively impacting India’s economy. India’s stock market may look positive for some time, but there will be a steep decline suddenly and for a long time. 

The 3rd and the 4th Houses

The third lord Sun is in the 10th House (House of Government). There it is afflicted by Saturn. Mars is also aspecting the 3rd House. Therefore, India must remain cautious about its neighbours, China and Pakistan. However, a significant setback to India may come from its Southern Neighbour, i.e., Sri Lanka. But as Jupiter and Venus are aspecting the 3rd house, some timely foreign intervention may help ease the situation in favour of India.

4th Lord Mercury is afflicted and under close combustion. The opposition will be on the roads staging nationwide protests against the Government for its economic failure and unrest in the country. The Government will remain under tremendous pressure throughout the year, even though it will try its best for damage control.

The 5th and the 6th Houses

The placement of Ketu in the 5th House indicates that the country’s youth will revolt against the current regime for its policies. Furthermore, the 5th House is also aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn’s aspect will prove harmful, but Jupiter’s aspect will ensure that the situation remains under the control of the Government. Communal riots in the Southwest parts of India may also occur suddenly. One will hear the loud noises coming from all corners of the country, asking the Prime Minister of India or some of his cabinet ministers to resign.

The 6th house is free from affliction; however, the 6th lord is in the 8th house, forming a Vipreet Rajyoga with the 8th Lord Saturn. It indicates an imminent territorial danger from the neighbour for which our Indian Army may take some decisive action against our enemies, be it Pakistan or China. As the 7th Lord Jupiter is aspecting Lagna, India will also get support from the foreign countries for its action against the enemies.

The 7th and the 8th Houses

The 7th House is also free from affliction, and the 7th Lord is in the 9th House with Venus. It indicates that foreign countries will favour India in any event of an attack from the enemy.  

8th House and its ruling lord Saturn is under affliction from Mars. Here Saturn’s placement is good, but its affliction is a cause of concern. It indicates that the current year could be the last year of the Narendra Modi government for one or more reasons. If the Government survives, there could be an imminent danger to the Prime Minister.

The 9th and the 10th Houses

The 9th Lord Saturn is in the 8th house with Mars. Communal harmony in the country will be disturbed to a great extent. India will witness continuous lawlessness or communal riots in the western, northwestern and central states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Punjab. Pakistan will also witness similar incidents. The Indian Judicial system will be criticised for its Judgement on some crucial issues. However, the presence of Jupiter and Venus in the 9th house will ensure that the Judiciary will come clean by enforcing the rule of law irrespective of baseless criticism.

Saturn aspects the 10th House. Lagna, 2nd and 3rd Lord are present in this house under affliction. It indicates a threat to the Government and severe criticism of its policies, economic failure, and anarchy. Again the only reprieve here is the placement of the 10th Lord in the 9th house with Venus. However, the 9th house has the least Ashtakvarga points, i.e., 19. It indicates that the 9th house does not have the required strength; hence the Government will have to evolve a robust strategy to curb the rising voices against its reign.

The 11th and the 12th Houses

Rahu is in the 11th house, and its dispositor lord Mars is in the 8th house. There is no benefic aspect on the 11th house or on the 11th lord Mars. Hence, there could be significant problems related to the contracts or agreements with the foreign country. India may face a situation where some foreign countries try to impose sanctions or bring the Indian Government under scrutiny. The good point is that Mars is aspecting its own house, i.e., the 11th house. It indicates that in a troubled situation, the Government will somehow manage to save its face and overcome the obstacles created by the foreign countries.

The 12th house neither has malefics in it, nor any malefic is aspecting it. And its ruling lord is also unafflicted in the 9th house, associated with another benefic Jupiter. It indicates that there could be significant reforms in the Judicial system of India. There will also be some foreign influence to maintain communal peace.

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Hindu New Year 2022: The Effect of the Planetary Cabinet

  1. This time Saturn is the Lord of the year. It indicates that there will be death, disease, and destruction everywhere. Hunger and famine will cause destruction. Rainfall will be significantly less throughout the country, and some regions may witness flood-like situations. However, by and large, there will be extreme drought-like conditions in the country. People will not feel satisfied with the current regime.
  2. Jupiter, the Mantri (Minister), denotes some relief to the public from their miseries. The people will also be able to get the required food. The Government will run policies for the welfare of the people.
  3. Mercury, the Maighesh (Clouds), indicates that there will be decent rainfall this year.
  4. Saturn, the Sasyesh (Paddy Crops), shows that there will be good growth of sesame and black gram.
  5. Mercury, the Durgesh (Army Commander), denotes that the environment for business will be good. In addition, the enemies will not be able to occupy our territories.
  6. Saturn, the Dhanesh (Treasure), indicates that there will be a loss of wealth to the riches, also affecting the traders and farmers.
  7. Moon, the Rasesh (Fluids) signifies that there will be inflation in the prices of Milk, Sugar, Ghee, Oil, and Honey.
  8. Venus, the Dhanyesh (Winter Crops), will ensure that there will be decent produce during the winter crop season. However, in the first half of the year, people will witness an increase in inflation to a greater extent.
  9. Saturn, the Neershesh (Metals and Minerals), indicates a steep rise in coal, petrol, diesel, machinery, iron, and steel prices. The Government will also increase the fares of railways and other modes of transportation.  
  10. Mars, the Phalesh (Fruits and Vegetables), denotes that there will be less vegetation. Seasonal diseases will affect many people, and there will be enmity between the traders and the general public.

Eclipses During the Hindu New Year 2022

In the year 2022, there will be four eclipses. These include two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. Following are the dates for these eclipses:

Solar Eclipses: 30 April and 25 October 2022

Lunar Eclipses: 16 May and 8 November 2022

During the Hindu New Year 2022, the eclipses will majorly affect the countries where the rising Lagna or the Ascendant will be Aries and Libra at the beginning of the new year. For instance, the United Kingdom will be one of the most affected countries this year. Many unusual situations, such as social unrest and natural calamities, will cause distress. However, the severity of the impact also depends on the strength of the United Kingdom’s Birth Horoscope. As Coronavirus is raging worldwide, there’s a powerful possibility of it making a deadly comeback, mainly affecting the United Kingdom one more time between May to July 2022.

Planetary positions of prime significance in the Hindu New Year 2022 for India

Mars-Saturn Conjunction: At the beginning of the Hindu Nav Varsh 2022, Mars and Saturn will remain in conjunction in the Capricorn sign. However, they will again be in conjunction with each other in the Aquarius sign from 29 April to 17 May 2022. During this time, Saturn will also influence Rahu with its 3rd aspect. It eventually indicates that significant disturbances will occur in different parts of the country. 

There could be violent protests against the policies of the Indian Government. The head of the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, may face unprecedented challenges and allegations against his leadership. There are strong indications that a major plane crash may take place. 

India must be vigilant about cross-border disputes as the enemy could launch a sudden attack. Natural calamities will bring destruction to the Indian population. The public will come on roads to stage massive protests against various state and central governments. There could also be a death of a prominent politician during this time.

Jupiter-Mars Conjunction: This conjunction will take place between 17 May to 27 June 2022. During this time, India may get its new Chief of Defence Staff. However, this conjunction will bring the economic policies under heavy criticism and the failure of some banks in India because of a new scam. The International and India’s Stock Markets will witness a massive fall. There will be a steep rise in inflation all across the globe. The internal environment of India will be affected due to communal riots in various parts of India. India will also witness another wave of Coronavirus between May to July.

Mars-Rahu Conjunction: Mars and Rahu will meet in the Aries sign between 27 June and 10 August 2022. This conjunction could prove to be fatal for India. A major terrorist attack may take place during this time. Also, there is a strong possibility of some significant communal disputes causing many deaths, leading to unrest in society. Significant communal disturbances may also occur in the country’s western, northwestern, and central regions.

Saturn-Sun Opposition: It will take place between 16 July to 17 August. Major floods will come causing significant loss to the people. Many people may die. Indian Prime Minister and his cabinet will face severe criticism for their inability to fulfil their promises. The economic condition may worsen during this time. Some accidents related to the Indian Navy/Airforce or their heads, rail, and air may also occur.

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Hindu New Year 2022: Prediction about the World and Ukraine-Russia War 2022-23

For the world, the situation looks grim, too; there will be many scenarios where people will come out on roads to topple their respective Governments. New and Upcoming Sanctions will break the bone of Russia’s economy, which will take years of hard work to overcome. The upcoming time looks challenging for the Russian Government, where people will come on the street to change the regime. Ukraine will fight till last and will be able to recapture most of its territories from Russia. However, there could be lawlessness in Ukraine on a large scale, and some internal racial and communal conflicts/clashes may break out once the war ends (which may last till mid of 2023). The Biden Government in the US will face massive criticism for its policies and inaction on issues of enormous concern. And some of its top Government representatives’ longevity might be in danger.


After analysing both the Hindu New Year 2022 horoscope and the planetary cabinet for 2022, the year looks worrisome. Significant challenges lie ahead for the Government to tackle and keep the public’s faith intact. There could be a resurgence of the coronavirus diseases on a large scale, causing miseries all around, like in 2021. People need to be vigilant about it, especially between May to July. There is a danger from our enemies; they may try to capture our territories, leading our Army to the battlefront. The Indian public will demand immediate relief from the economic woes, but there is no reprieve soon, at least not in 2022.


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