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Hindu New Year 2023: A Critical Time for India and the World

The Hindu New Year 2023 or The Hindu Nav Varsh 2023, will begin at 10:53:02 P.M. on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. That is when the Pratipada Tithi (first day) of Shukla Paksha (The brighter half of the lunar cycle) of Chaitra (Lunar Month) month starts, thus marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year or […]

Hindu New Year 2022: A Defining Moment for India and the World

India is a land of Knowledge and Culture. It leads the world to a path of sacred knowledge that connects an individual with God. Here the majority of the people practise Hinduism, which follows the core principles of the Vedas (Vedic Knowledge). And based on that Vedic Knowledge comes Hindu New Year. Though every year, […]

UP Elections 2022 Prediction: Will Yogi Adityanath Become UP CM?

UP Election 2022 Prediction Will Yogi Adityanath Win and Become UP CM

On 08 January 2022, The Election Commission of India announced the dates for the Assembly Elections to be held across 5 Indian States. One of the states is Uttar Pradesh. As a result, all the political parties have started their election campaigning and are now declaring a list of candidates for 403 Uttar Pradesh Constituencies. […]